Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Books

Look Book Two – Letting God Breathe New Life Into Your Heart and Home by Miss Mustard Seed

Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed

Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed

From Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog: “I have a bit of a reputation for getting things done quickly.  I can crank out furniture and whip through slipcovers.  But, I will fully admit that I am slow when it comes to putting out a look book.  It took over a year to get the first one out and about a year and a half to get out the second one!  A part of the problem is that I can set my own deadline, so I just don’t set a deadline and allow the project to “come together organically”, which means it takes forever.

This look book is very different from the first one.  Look Book One was meant to be a 101 primer; an introduction to our milk paint and finishes.  Look Book Two is a celebration of our European color line.  It’s filled with more advanced tutorials, like a Beeswax Resist, creating custom finishes by mixing waxes, and all of the ways you can use Tough Coat.  It’s also filled with inspiration from some of our retailers and friends from around the globe.

BrushStrokesByMaryAnne-MMS-Milk-Paint-Look-Book-2c-June2016-400x400It took a long time, but I’m really proud of the end result and I hope you all love it, too!

I have to mention the cover.  Kriste brought in a picture from an Antropologie catalog where a model had open palms releasing a color powdered.

“Could we do that with milk paint?”

I absolutely loved the idea.  We can celebrate what makes milk paint unique by capturing the powder.

It took a lot of takes and we threw a lot of paint, but fortunately, we had a talented and willing photographer (Brianna Wilbur) and an abandoned mill across from the studio that wouldn’t be bothered by some powdered paint in the grass.

There was a lot of laughing and a lot of “one-two-three-go!”