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Cabinet Refinishing Process

Completed Kitchen View (b)We have created a Step-by-Step Gallery illustrating the many steps that are involved in refinishing kitchen cabinets. This will help you better understand how this process is done, our pricing structure and the time required to refinish your kitchen cabinets. We know from experience that each of the steps outlined is critical to produce professionally refinished kitchen cabinets that will maintain their beautiful new finish for many years to come.


Remove door hinges (b)View Our “Cabinet Refinishing Process” Gallery

We take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship and in our ability to transform your cabinets with a custom paint finish that you will love! View our “Step By Step Cabinet Refinishing Process” Gallery to see the actual steps involved in the process.

Apply glaze (b)

Apply glaze (b)

BrushStrokes By Mary Anne – “Cabinet Refinishing Process”
An illustrated, step-by-step gallery details all of the multiple steps required to produce professionally refinished Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets.

View the Refinishing Process on our Gallery Page

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