common faux painting terms

Trompe L’oeil – French – “Trick the Eye”

A painted finish that looks real or dimensional such as stone blocks or moldings. A painting technique in which an illusion of depth and reality is created by emphasizing highlights and shadows.

Decorative Finish

A purely decorative finish that can have several layers to achieve the final results.

Decorative Painting

This is accomplished with a variety of techniques and tools, adorning surfaces in a decorative way using paint and/or glaze.
Faux Finish – Pronounced “Foe”; it comes from the Old French word fals, meaning false. Artificial; fake: such as faux pearls, faux marble, faux leather, etc.

Venetian Plaster

Traditionally, this is a multiple layer finish that is burnished to a high sheen and has a glass like finish that remains cool to the touch.
The texture coat is the first step in the Venetian Plaster process. A pattern is made in the wet Venetian Plaster Base Coat and left to dry in anticipation of a second smooth coat (skim coat).

The second step in the process includes a skim coat of Venetian Plaster forced into the valleys and recesses of the texture coat, filling in the pattern and creating a tone effect, also called “smooth coat.”