We opened our new store in Cumming, Georgia a few weeks ago and we love it!

It was a lot of work getting it ready but worth it.

For a couple months,  I spent hours on Pinterest looking for store ideas.

Some of my favorite pins were rooms with old, white brick walls.



So is this one!

 Emily Wren Photography

 My vision for my store was a combination of whites, greys, and other neutrals.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy to achieve this look in a retail space in a shopping center!  I was on a tight budget and a tight timeline.  Unfortunately,  dirty, old white bricks were nowhere to be found!

So I settled for a mix of brown and grey veneer brick applied on the back wall of my store.

    Cumming bricks install

They definitely added character to the space but looked too new.  I mentioned to everyone who saw them that I really wanted white bricks.  Then I mentioned that I was thinking about painting them.  “DON’T PAINT THE BRICKS!”  they all said.   “You’ll ruin them,” they all said.  “They look good the way they are.”   So I didn’t paint the bricks, at least not right away.  But then a few days later we installed a new floor and the combination of all the browns and greys was just too much.  Too many colors and too much texture.  It hurt my eyes every time I walked in the door.



So one day when I was all alone in the store, I poured some Old White Chalk Paint® in a small roller pan, took out my mini fabric whiz roller, and started painting the bricks!  I have to admit I was scared to death!  What if all those people are right and I ruin all these beautiful, expensive bricks!  But I kept going and just rolled the Chalk Paint® gently over the surface of the bricks.



I tried to cover up the colors of the brick that I didn’t like and left the grey areas showing through.  After I finished a small corner, I stepped back and looked.  It was EXACTLY what I wanted!  I kept going and finished the entire wall in about 45 minutes.  I didn’t have to prep or clean the bricks because they were brand new.


  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BRICKS NOW!  And everyone who told me not to paint the bricks….THEY ALL LOVE THEM TOO!

It was the easiest and fastest “faux finish” I’ve ever done and totally transformed my store.

Cumming store bricks2

Just another example of what the amazing Chalk Paint® can do!

 (The bricks and floor were installed by “Three Little Dogs Flooring & Interiors” of Cumming, Ga.  They did a great job and are fantastic to work with!  This is NOT a paid announcement.)


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  • Betsy Smith September 14, 2014  

    I love the bricks! They look amazing, I’ve been struggling to decide whether or not to paint my brick fireplace and this is a definite check-mark in the “do” column!

  • Devon Morgan February 4, 2015  

    I’m looking to do EXACTLY this treatment to a wall in my photo studio, to match the existing 100+ year old other walls. Is this something you could give me a quote on? I can send photos and dimensions of the area.


  • Joy Field August 10, 2016  

    Looks great!

    I would like to do this with my fireplace. I love the lime washed look on brick. Did you use the old white straight or mix it with water? and did you follow with a rag or something to dab off excess to achieve this look?

    Thanks for your time, not much information online using chalk paint on brick to achieve the look.

  • Kathy Carrera October 26, 2016  

    I have a fireplace that has been painted white I been wanting to do the white wash look to contrast off my ceiling beams any ideas that could help me

    Thank you

  • Linley Paske February 27, 2017  

    This is gorgeous and exactly what I would like to do to my mantle. Did you water down your paint at all or wipe excess from the bricks with a cloth? Also, did you paint the morter/grout or just the brick fronts? Thanks so much for your response!!
    xo, Linley

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