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Artisan Enhancements products are made for both beginners and experts. There are no limits to what you can create with their innovative decorative paint mediums and sealers.

All of Artisan Enhancement’s paint mediums and coatings have been formulated to be easily combined or layered with various types of water-based chalk or mineral-natural paints. Our products and tools are designed to be versatile and user friendly, making them the perfect answer for everyone, from novices to professional painters. In addition to their eco-friendly decorative finishes, we also carry their wonderful Topcoat Sealer, Clear Finish, and their must have Color Shaper & European Brush.

  • MediumGROUP2-300x254Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Easy-to-use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bio-Based
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low Odor/No VOC


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Leaf & Foil Size

Leaf & Foil Size by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic,  low odor, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Leaf & Foil Size is a medium with a long open and tack time (almost indefinitely) to be used for all metallic gilding foils and leafing projects. Once applied Leaf & Foil Size provides a flawless tacky surface for the application of metallic leafing and foils.


Transfer Gel

Transfer Gel by Artisan Enhancements® is a bio based, natural, translucent fibrous acrylic gel medium. Transfer Gel is used to transfer commercially or laser printed materials to surfaces properly base coated with paint or sealed. Transfer Gel can also be used as a quality, long lasting, decoupage adhesive and sealer.

 Decoupage_TransferGel-180x180 Transfer-Gel_detail-180x180

Easy Crackle

Easy Crackle by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic,  low odor, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Easy Crackle is a thin medium that allows water based paints or plasters to create fine subtle, classic chipped/crackled effects. Easy Crackle the sophisticated, aged, antiqued look of weathered paint and/or plaster.

 Easy-Crackle_Butterfly-180x180 Easy-Crackle_MaisonDecor-180x180

Pearl Plaster

Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements ® is bio-based, hypo-allergenic, low odor, NO VOC, and environmentally sustainable. Pearl Plaster creates an opulent and luxurious pearlescent finish which adheres to almost any properly prepared surface. Once set and dry, the finish will resemble the look of velvet with a shimmering vibrancy.

 Pearl-Plaster_Stencil-180x180 Vp_Antico-Crackle-Pearl-Scumble-180x180

Clear Finish

Clear Finish is an all natural, water based, non-yellowing varnish. Clear Finish is a thin translucent sealer that dries brilliantly clear. Clear Finish is formulated for ultimate clarity with a satin to glossy finish. Once fully cured, Clear Finish is water-resistant. Clear Finish is our recommended sealer for all pure and bright white painted finishes.

 Sealers-Board-180x180 (1) Sealing-Foil-with-Clear-Finish-180x180

Clear Topcoat Sealer

Clear Topcoat Sealer is a soya oil based, non-yellowing alkyd, penetrating sealer. Clear Topcoat Sealer has a creamy color due to the natural soy base, but dries clear. Clear Topcoat Sealer is sandable, exterior grade, and has a matte sheen. Once fully cured, Clear Topcoat Sealer is water-resistant. Clear Topcoat sealer is ideal for almost all paint colors and stains, but not ideal with pure white paints with no pigment (read below for recommendations). *Antique whites/old white/off white/ivories/creams have pigment.

 Sealing-Stencils-180x180 Sealers-Board-180x180 (1)

Color Shaper With Silicone Tip

The Color Shaper by Artisan Enhancements makes application of thicker mediums, such as VP Antico or Pearl Plaster, quick and easy.

 ShaperFineStone-180x180 ShaperVPANTICO-180x180

European Wax Brush

The European Wax Brush by Artisan Enhancements is handmade in Europe. The European Wax Brush is a very high quality natural bristle brush, ideal for a variety of projects.

Artisan Enhancements’ European Wax Brush features a “unique” hole in the middle to help fan out the bristles for better coverage and quicker waxing (think street sweeper). The weight of this wax brush is lighter than most brushes because it has a cork in the middle. Artisan Enhancements’ European Wax brush is a good tool for users who have arthritis or wrist problems. The ergonomic and lightweight design of the European Wax Brush means it doesn’t require a lot of pressure or wrist strain to get good results.

Mini Wax (Paint) Brush

The Small Round Brush by Artisan Enhancements (AKA #8 brush for the 8” long handle) was developed to be used for medium application, painting and/or waxing.